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MGC Pro-Life Ministry

GOAL: Not only make abortion illegal and unthinkable, but more importantly proclaim the hope of the Gospel to those who are considering or have already committed an abortion. 

Why should I get involved?

Jeremiah 1:5 -

1. Abortion is the #1 killer of human beings world-wide!

~42,000,000 murders of innocent unborn humans worldwide in 2019 alone! 

  1. 62,000,000 in USA since 1973 (Roe v. Wade)
  2. 91:1 ratio – this is an emergency!
    • For every 1 soldier ever killed in battle in US history since 1776, 91 babies have been killed in the womb since abortion became legal in the USA in 1973. 
  1. Video: “the sound of abortion” 

2. Stand up and speak up for those who cannot stand up or speak up for themselves.

  • Example: “Sing a Little Louder” choir director in Nazi Germany shouts as a cargo train full of Jews headed to Auschwitz passes by church. 

3. This is a GOSPEL issue! "Rescue those who are being taken away to death; hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter." Proverbs 24:11

  • John 10:10 Jesus Christ of Nazareth came to give LIFE.

4. Let the world (not just the USA) know that real Christians care for the precious, and innocent unborn.

  • Be the light in the darkness ☺
  • Be the salt of the world

5. Make your faith in the sancity-of-life public, to enact social change.

 i.  “Walking will not change any laws”

  • Yet it serves as a powerful presentation for change and a voice for the Gospel in the public square.

 ii.  The power of momentum / influence 

 iii.  You only really believe those things you are willing to profess publicly

6. Place further demand on completely defunding Planned Parenthood

 i.  Biden has reinstated the tax-payer funding of Planned Parenthood, which Trump defunded 

 ii.  Momentum for ProLife politicans

7. Murdering unborn humans is simply NOT okay! And we need to DO SOMETHING about it!

Answering Objections

1. My body, my choice. How can someone else dictate what I am and am not allowed to do with my body?

  1. As soon as an egg and a sperm merge, a cell is created (technically called a “fertilized egg”) with DNA entirely unique from either parent which will code for the hair, skin, eyes, etc. of the new child. That DNA is not the mother’s; it is the child’s DNA and it is the child’s body. Another way to think of this is when the baby is male and has male genitalia, could the mother claim that genitalia is hers? Obviously that could not be the case. 
  2. Misnaming – I myself am prochoice! But murdering another human being should never be a CHOICE.

2. It’s just a blob of tissue inside the womb.

  1. By as early as 6 weeks after gestation (fetal age (based on date of implantation on uterus): 4 weeks), the baby has a heartbeat; by about 8/9 weeks after gestation, the baby has detectable brain activity; by 12 weeks, the baby is able to respond to and interact with its environment.  (
  2. This literally means after 18 days, ABORTION STOPS A BEATING HEART!

3. It’s just a fetus before the third trimester – not a real human being yet.

  1. Fetus is Latin for “the young of an animal” or “small child” – so yes, it is a fetus or small child in trimesters one and two!

4. Abortion is legal in the USA, so it must be okay.

  1. Many things that are not morally okay are sometimes legalized in different countries. In early America, slavery was legal; in Nazi Germany, publicly mistreating and even systematically exterminating Jews was legal; female genital mutilation is currently legal in some Middle Eastern countries. Just because something is legal does not mean it is moral!

5. Planned Parenthood provides many women’s health options – abortions are only 3% of what PP does; defunding PP would leave millions of women without vital healthcare.

  1. The 3% value is misleading, but even if it were 3% – that’s 3% too much murdering happening in PP clinics!

6. Making abortion illegal would send women to dangerous back-alley providers.

  1. Murdering other people (especially your own child!) should simply not be legal. A “safety hub” should never be provided for crime.

7. What if the baby was conceived of rape? You want to force the mother to always recall that incident in the unwanted child?

  1. Two wrongs never make a right. Why should an innocent child have to be killed for the crime of his/her father? Many children who were conceived in rape live happy and productive lives today and thank their mothers for not aborting them!

8. You can’t be pro-life if you’re pro-war.

  1. We are indeed against any killing of innocent life but there are times when taking out a threat may be necessary to save life (i.e. school shooter, ISIS, etc).

9. Pro-Lifers are actually just pro-birth, they don’t really care about the care of the baby once it’s born.

  1. Nothing can be further from the truth. Entire church ministries are dedicated to helping struggling mothers with raising their children. Furthermore, many alternative pregnancy centers exist to help with baby products that may be necessary for motherhood (Alternatives Pregnancy Center at 1111 Howe Ave. #610; Sacramento Life Center at 2316 Bell Executive Ln)

10. Men can’t tell woman what to do with their bodies. 

  1. This is the same logical fallacy as to say white people can’t fight for black rights. You don’t have to directly experience injustice to be eligible to fight against it!

How can I get involved?

A Few Opportunities for Involvement:

Sidewalk Ministry

    • CBC @ 29th & B St.
    • MGC @ Yuba City PP

Alternatives Pregnancy Center

    • Amazon Wishlist
    • Prayer (Bracelets Drive)
    • APC-hosted Dinners

Sierra Pregnancy & Health

    • Life Gala

MGC Stockpile

    • MGC Mother’s Ministry 

ProLife Proclamation

    • May 15th – Greenback & Sunrise
    • Future Dates (w/MGA)