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Missionary Gospel Academy

School of Outreach-Evangelism Training

“We Proclaim Christ Crucified!”
Mark 16:15 -- 1 Peter 3:15


Educate and equip believers to reach out to a variety of religious, social, and cultural people groups with the Gospel and inspire an exploration of potential calling within these or other evangelistic ministries. Simply stated, we aim to disciple local missionaries to make disciples of every nation (Matthew 28:19).


A one-semester missionary crash-course designed for passionate Church members, with an emphasis on practically training and discipling believers from all age and status groups to take every opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. A general variety of topics will be covered but interns will be encouraged and mentored to study deeper into areas of personal ministry interest. Though this course is designed for M.G.C., members of other congregations are more than welcome to apply as well. Our motto is INSPIRE, EQUIP, SEND: Inspire believers to seek a personal calling in outreach ministry within their local congregations, Equip them with foundational knowledge and practical training experience, and Send them into dedicated ministry with specific resources for their particular field of outreach. 

(Romans 10:15 – it is the Savior Who does the sending)


  • Directed by Daniel Melnik, BSc & Daniel Borisov, BSc
    • Qualified instructors from MGC
      • Yuriy Chiley, MDiv
      • Yana Katsura, MA
      • Joseph Dunca, BSc
      • Peter Makovey, BA
    • Additional instructors: Daniel Zakharchuk, David Gregory, Daniel Kirilov
    • BBS staff assistance w/street evangelism (future academies)
  • Up to 15 missionary interns per semester 
    • Small class size allows for more personal training on the mission field
  • Intern Qualifications 
    • Burning desire to fulfill Great Commission
    • Commitment to prayer & holiness 
    • Baptized member of a Biblical congregation
      • Exception: personal recommendation from congregational leadership
    • English Proficiency
  • Timing
    • 1st Academy Fall 2020, recurring each Spring/Fall semester 
    • Sessions on Wednesdays 6:00PM – 9:00PM at MGC (Spring ‘21 – Youth Hall)
    • 16 sessions: lecture + scenario-based skit practice 
      • Weeks 1-5: Lecture only (American Gospel documentary weekends)
      • Weeks 6-16: Field-trips/events scheduled throughout each weekend
  • Recording
    • David Vovynar studio
    • First year academies will be recorded for interns/staff only 
    • Subsequent academy’s lesson recordings will be made public on MGC website
  • Officially recognized by Missionary Gospel Church as an authorized extension of the MGC Missionary Department, with all associated rights and responsibilities.

Finances (Requested from MGC Missionary Department):

  • Binders w/outlines, dividers………………………..………….$250.00 (per academy)
  • Textbooks & reading materials…………………………..……$800.00 (per academy)
  • Gospel tracts…………………………………………………….…….$300.00 (per academy)
  • Transportation/food/etc. for field trips……………………$500.00 (per academy)
  • PPT/video materials…………………………………………….…..$150.00

TOTAL REQUESTED: ……………………….………………….….. $2,000.00

NOTE: Given the financial coverage from MGC Missionary Department, the Missionary Gospel Academy is offered to missionary interns free of charge.

*Charges may apply for future academies – TBA*

Session Topics:

  1. What is the Gospel?
  2. History & Heritage of Christianity 
  3. Being Led by the Holy Spirit 
  4. Genuine Christian Lifestyle

  1. Why Believe in God’s Existence? 
  2. Why Surrender to Jesus Christ of Nazareth?

  1. Why Trust the Holy Bible?
  2. Studying Scripture in Context

  1. Biblical Doctrines

  1. Love: the Ultimate Motivation 
  2. Being People-Oriented
  3. Developing Your Testimony + Grasping The Gospel
  4. Courtesy & Etiquette

  1. Approaching 
  2. Bringing Conversations to Christ Crucified
  3. Concluding 

  1. Psychology
  2. Empathy & Compassion

Order flexible from here down
Arrows indicate a mandatory field trip

→ Golden Gate Bridge and Downtown S.F. ministry

→ College or University campus ministry

→ Catholic high school ministry

→ Arab-American Learning Center ministry

→ Mormon elders ministry (&

→ Jehovah’s Witness stand ministry

→ Planned Parenthood ministry

→ Lovelock or Red Bluff Rehab Center ministry

→ Teen Challenge 

** Street Preaching & Miscellaneous Outreach Opportunities Throughout **

  • 7 Fundamental Knowledge Sessions
  • 6 Religion Outreach Sessions
  • 3 Movement Outreach Sessions



  • 9 Field Trips 
  • Street Preaching days 
  • Misc. Events (i.e. S.F. Walk for Life, Phoenix Jewish Outreach Festival, etc.)




  • Personal analysis of encounter which was evangelistic in nature 
  • Each intern, minimum 2/semester 
  • Must be written at least 1 day after the encounter for purposes of reflection 
  • Will form basis for constructive criticism throughout course of academy


  • Entry Questionnaire: administered at orientation (1 week prior to first lesson) in order to gage spiritual knowledge and understanding of incoming missionary interns. This is not graded and will not be used to determine elegiility; its sole purpose is to gage where interns stand at the beginning of the academy.
  • Exit Examanation: will consist of a written knowledge-based exam, a final scenario, and time to share personal witnessing testimonies. This exam is purely for personal and group growth purposes, not a determination of pass/no pass for the course. 
  • Academy Evaluation: interns will be requested to highlight pros and cons of the academy, and suggest areas for improvement in future semesters.


Missionary academy interns will be challenged to consider a dedicated calling to one of the ministries covered throughout the course or other outreach ministries, such as homeless outreach, sexual abuse ministry (i.e. LGBTQ), sex trafficking outreach, senior care ministry, foster care system outreach, prison ministry, New Age outreach, etc. within their local congregation. Furthermore, we hope to challenge interns to seize the various daily opportunities they encounter in their personal lives to share the Gospel.


  • 1/13 Orientation & Entry Questionnaire
  • 1/20 Session 1: Foundation
  • 1/27 Session 2: Apologetics
  • 2/03 Session 3: Scripture
  • 2/10 Session 4: Theology
  • 2/17 Session 5: Communication 
  • 2/24 Session 6: Witnessing
  • 3/03 Session 7: Counseling
  • 3/10 Session 8: Depression / Suicide
  • 3/17 Resurrection Holiday Break
  • 3/24 Session 9: Addiction
  • 3/31 Session 10: Prolife
  • 4/07 Session 11: Atheism
  • 4/14 Session 12: Judaism
  • 4/21 Session 13: Islam
  • 4/28 Session 14: Cults
  • 5/05 Session 15: Catholicism
  • 5/12 Session 16: Eastern Religions
  • 5/19 Exit Examination & Course Evaluation 


Entry Questionnaire: