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Missionary Gospel Academy Sign Up - Fall 2023

I understand that my diligent attendance at each Wednesday evening session is essential to my success in the academy and hereby commit myself as a missionary intern for this semester. I also understand that the field trips and events (scheduled each weekend based on availability) are critically important to my success and are therefore mandatory; I commit to attend them all, to the best of my ability.

I realize evangelism outreach is inherently dangerous work given the very real possibility of encountering environments hostile toward the Gospel; obedient Christians are as sheep being sent among wolves (Matthew 10:16). Therefore, I release Missionary Gospel Church from all liability of danger associated with participation in Missionary Gospel Academy field trips/events and hereby suspend my rights to litigate Missionary Gospel Church for any personal injuries and/or property damages that may ensue as a result of my participation in Missionary Gospel Academy activities. I commit to act peacefully and respectably at all times during these activities.

8/16 Orientation & Entry Questionnaire

8/23 Session 1: Foundation

8/26 Discuss “God Has a Wonderful Plan for Your Life” Book

8/30 Session 2: The Full Gospel

9/6 Session 3: Theology

9/9 Documentary

9/13 Session 4: Apologetics 1, Faith

9/16 Apologetics Lab

9/20 Session 5: Apologetics 2, Scripture

9/27 Session 6: Being Led by the Spirit

9/30 Special Session – Spiritual Warfare, Troy Albano

10/4 Session 7: Witnessing

10/11 Session 8: Advising

10/13 Witnessing Lab

10/14 Street Preaching

10/15 Adult & Teen Challenge

10/18 Session 9: Depression/Suicide

10/21 Golden Gate Bridge & SF Street Preaching

10/25 Session 10: ProLife

10/28 ProLife Proclamation

11/1 Session 11: Eastern Religions

11/4 Street Preaching

11/5 Yuba City Sikh Festival

11/8 Session 12: Atheism / Agnosticism

11/9 Sac State Outreach

11/15 Session 13: Catholicism / Orthodoxy

11/18 Olivehurst Outreach

11/22 No Class – Thanksgiving Week Holiday

11/29 Session 14: Islam

12/02 Mosque Tour & Arab American Learning Center

12/6 Session 15: Cults

12/8-9 Night of Hope Concert Outreach

12/13 Exit Examination & Course Evaluation

12/16 Holiday Desserts Outreach

12/20 Kahoot! Party